Epping Acupuncture is run by Si Ning Luo, a regeistered Acupuncturist; Chinese medicine practitioner; and Chinese Herbal Dispenser. He has extensive experience,  having studied and practiced in Australia and China. 

Si Ning is reputable in his field. He graduated with Master degree of  Health Science in TCM at WSU (Westerne Sydney University), and Bachelor degree of TCM & Acupuncture at SITCM. He is a Member of AACMA.


Why choose Epping Acupuncture?

Si Ning is interest to help improving your personal health, along with acupuncture and with Chinese Medicine, 

Before your first session, you will have a full consultation, as well as shorter, follow-up consultations at each appointment. Si Ning will listen to your story and ascertain how best suit your needs.


Add. 95 Carlingford Road Epping, 2121 NSW

M. 0416 018 502

​E. eaatcm@gmail.com

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